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Service Area
We service most areas in Mandeville, Madisonville and Covington.  Please call or email to find out if your home is in our territory.

Rates are determined based on your location and pet services required, and range from $15-20 per visit.

Initial Meeting - FREE
In order to begin service as a new client, our first step is to schedule an initial meeting.  This allows us to meet your pet(s) and learn their daily routine.

Basic Visit
Feeding & fresh water
Litter box maintenance
Cleanup - as required for pet accidents
Daily update by text or email, which may include a photo
Security check - to be sure all doors are securely locked at each visit
Medicines - oral medications may be administered.
Additional services - We will bring in mail, newspapers,  and packages upon request.  We will water indoor and patio plants if the job can be accomplished in approximately 5 minutes.  More involved plant care cuts into the time allotted for your pet.
Services & Rates
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Services & Rates
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